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Common Wrongful Death Claims in Florida

Personal injury is one of the most common legal practices around, yet no matter what state you find yourself in our union, it is difficult to find a quality personal injury attorney New Tampa and similar cities are almost completely devoid. However, the top personal injury attorney New Tampa, the top personal injury attorney Dade City, and the top personal injury attorney Land O’Lakes all have practiced is the same person – Anissa K. Morris, Esq. in her time as the top personal injury attorney New Tampa has to offer, she has seen a plethora of different cases. Handling clients from every walk of life, getting them the best compensation possible for injuries and traumatic events. Regardless of her years of experience, and her status as the top personal injury attorney Dade City has to offer, one of the toughest types of cases she will always have to deal with are wrongful death suits. And if you have ever lost a family member, you are aware of how tough the idea and feeling of loss is and how that can affect even those from the outside looking in. Wrongful death cases are quite taxing on all that take part, from the family of the deceased to the personal injury attorney Land O’Lakes in Florida has one of the highest rates of such cases. But what exactly is a wrongful death claim, and how does one know if they are eligible to file one? Take it from Anissa K. Morris, Esq. the top personal injury attorney New Tampa and similar cities turn to when they are in need of assistance.

In the state of Florida, according to Florida Stature 768.19 when someone dies as a result of a ‘wrongful act’, negligence, default or some type of breach in contract/responsibility – at the fault of another individual – this is sufficient grounds for a wrongful death suit to be filed. Of course, only those who are directly related to that deceased individual have the grounds to file such a claim – including the deceased’s parents, spouse, children, and any blood relatives that were, in some way, dependent on that individual whether it be financially or otherwise. For any personal injury attorney Dade City and most of Florida have instituted a 2-year statute of limitations for wrongful death claims – therefore any claim made after that period of time will be thrown out and made invalid. In her time as one of the top personal injury attorney Land O’Lakes has to offer, there are 5 major types of wrongful death claims.

· Pedestrian & Bike Accidents – Pedestrians and bicyclists are required to obey traffic rules, as well as follow all walking signs and similar devices. This is vital to their safety; however, the onus is also put onto the motorists as they are required to exercise a certain level of caution when driving in order to avoid collisions and accidents. Anissa K. Morris, Esq. states that when drivers fail to exercise this level of caution and it leads to the death of a pedestrian or cyclist – it is considered a wrongful death.

· Work Accidents – In her time, Anissa K. Morris is often considered to be the best personal injury attorney Dade City and the surrounding areas have in practice. Much of this praise comes from her ability to get compensation for work site accidents. Especially in Florida, work injuries are common – in 2017 over 49,000 claims were files – and many were wrongful death suits. If the worker is put into an environment that is unsafe or hazardous in any way, there may be a huge liability on the employer.

· Car Accidents – We rely on cars for everything, especially in Florida, where vehicles are the main mode of transport. Car accidents are far more common with extra use, and last year alone there were over 2,770 FATAL car accidents. As the top personal injury attorney New Tampa keeps Anissa K. Morris extremely busy. However, often times the fatal injuries are quite preventable – whether it be due to the negligence of another driver, road construction, or an unsafe environment for drivers. Anissa K. Morris can help provide the best compensation for those in this position.

· Medical Malpractice – For those searching for a personal injury attorney Land O’Lakes, Florida has many – yet few have the experience and the skill of Anissa K. Morris. We often trust the opinion of doctors and medical professionals; however, they often make mistakes and make improper judgments in terms of a diagnosis or treatment. And in the rare cases that these mistakes prove fatal, someone must be held responsible. In these instances of medical malpractice, families have the right to seek compensation based on a wrongful death

· Death of a Child – When we place our children in the care of another, we expect that person to take responsibility for their safety. And accidents can happen, however, if they are a result of the negligence on the part of the caregiver they must be held responsible. For a personal injury attorney, Dade City was home to many negligence cases. The number one cause of child death in Florida is an accidental drowning, and in many cases, there was a babysitter or an adult who was negligent in their care of the child.


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