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Liability in Slip and Fall Accidents

With personal injury claims constantly on the rise over the past few years, more and more individuals across the state of Florida are becoming aware of their rights. One of the most common types personal injury claims across the state of Florida involves slip and fall accidents, also known as premises liability. While slip and falls may seem minor in comparison to more serious car accidents or claims, in many instances they can lead to very serious, even life-threatening, injuries. Negligent property owners can often create a number of dangerous conditions, leading to serious injury due to a slip and fall. According to slip and fall lawyer, Anissa Morris, due to premises laws across the state, property owners can be held liable to pay compensatory damages, if they fail to maintain a safe, hazard-free atmosphere and environment for their patrons or guests. To better help us to understand the major aspects of a slip and fall accident, slip and fall lawyer, Anissa Morris offers the following information.

Slip and Fall Conditions

When it comes to any premisesliability cases, whether it takes place on the premises of a business or at an individual’s home, the victim has to right to seek damages for their injuries. When property owners fail to maintain the safety of their premises, they are placing their customers or guests t risk of suffering serious, life-altering injuries. However, the amount of damages and if they can even be recouped is highly dependent on what the exact condition the property was in, as well as the severity of the injuries suffered by the victim. According to slip and fall lawyer, Anissa Morris there are a number of common instances in which a slip and fall accident claim may be filed. They include:

· Wet flooring – Without a “Wet Floor” sign.
· Slick, slipper flooring.
· Loose, uneven carpeting, rugs, or mats.
· Cracked or damaged sidewalks.
· Poor lighting or visibility.
· Obstructions and errant debris along walkways and roads.


If you were involved in a slip and fall accident, due to the negligence of a property owner – it is within your rights to seek compensatory damages for your injuries. This is also known as premises liability. Valuing your premises liability caseS can often be difficult, as with most trials, in the end, the jury will have the final say of what the dollar value of the damages will be. Damages cover a wide range of costs, concrete damages based on the costs the victim incurs (past, present & future) and more subjective damages covering emotional costs. According to slip and fall lawyer, Anissa Morris, some of the most common damages an individual might seek when it comes to a slip and fall accident, include:

· Medical Bills
· Lost Wages
· Inability to Work in the Future
· Property Damage
· Pain & Suffering
· Loss of Companionship
· Quality of Life Hardship

In some cases, where the injuries might be more significant, the payouts will be much higher. For more information on slip and fall accidents, or other Personal Injury Claims, contact Anissa Morris today.


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