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Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

5 Facts to Know About a Traumatic Brain Injury

With the current advancements in healthcare research, now more than ever we are able to discover a number of brain injuries and neurological disorders, that previously were almost undetectable. These types of injuries are often the result of long-term head trauma from hitting your head or taking part in sports like football or boxing. However, some of the most common types of head injuries are known as traumatic brain injuries that are often caused by sudden trauma or accident, often as a result of another individual’s negligence. According to traumatic brain Injury lawyer, Anissa Morris, a traumatic brain injury often results from a blow to the head or heavy, quick jolt to the head or upper body, that can even penetrate brain tissue. For the most part someone suffering from a traumatic brain injury can experience symptoms such as headaches, loss of memory, loss of consciousness, fatigue, nausea, sleep issues, light sensitivity, sensory disruption, depression, and mood issues. In the most severe cases, they can cause coordination issues, seizures, coma, and more. In the event you have been injured in an accident, experiencing a traumatic brain injury, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensatory damages and recoup losses they have incurred to their injuries. To better help you understand what a traumatic brain injury entails, traumatic brain Injury lawyer, Anissa Morris offers us these important facts to know.

· Traumatic Brain Injuries are Common

Each year, nearly 3 million people are treated for traumatic brain injuries. In fact, living in America you have a 1 in 150 chance of suffering a TBI each year.

· Risk of Traumatic Brain Injuries Come with Age

While traumatic brain injuries are fairly common, there are three specific groups that are at the highest risk to suffer TBI. They include – children (0-4 years old), teenagers (15-19 years old), and the elderly (65 and older). For those in between these ages, the brain is more developed, and the skull has become strong enough to not be easily damaged.

· Technology Has Made Diagnosis More Concrete

For a traumatic brain Injury lawyer, like Anissa Morris, in years past, having to prove her client suffered a TBI was often difficult and was fairly subjective. However, with technology advancing in recent decades, diagnostic imaging has improved exponentially, and as has our understanding of our brains and their neurological functions, as well as how a properly functioning brain should appear under an MRI or CT scan. While in years past, claiming damages for a TBI, was often left up to the opinion of the judge and jury, in today’s world there is concrete medical knowledge that allows us to claim with certainty that a TBI exists.

· Social Security Disability is an Option

One of the first things you should do if you or your loved one has suffered a TBI, is to apply or social security disability benefits. This ensures that for the duration of your treatment, you will have the medical coverage you need. It is also easy to cancel if need be, in the event you have healed from your injuries.

· Hire Your Attorney and File Quickly

The fact is that traumatic brain injury cases can often earn you much higher financial damages, than a normal injury. And while symptoms are often severe at the beginning, they can disappear, and you might begin to recover much faster than you thought. In terms of your injuries, no matter how fast you have healed, you are legally still entitled to for all the same compensatory damages – however, showing the jury your symptoms will have a much greater effect than just speaking of them in the past tense. Its important that you hire a traumatic brain Injury lawyer, like Anissa Morris as soon as possible and ensure he or she files your personal injury claim right away. This will ensure you get the most financial compensation possible.

For more information on traumatic brain injuries, and other personal injury claims, contact Anissa Morris at Spinner Law Firm today.


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