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8 Things to Do After Your Car Accident in Zephyrhills

The state of Florida as a whole has become a hot bed for car accidents over the past few years. More and more drivers, young and old are losing control and suffering some of the most devastating car accidents in history. And with a recent rash of car accidents in Zephyrhills, lawmakers in the area have decided to close off a portion of Road 54 – one of the most treacherous stretches of road in the city. The area has also been noted for having one of the highest drunk and negligent driver rates in the country, and with such issues constantly occurring it is important to acquire the services of a Personal Injury Attorney Zephyrhills has quite a lot to offer, but few have the experience and the track record of Anissa K. Morris, Esq. of Spinner Law Firm. She has achieved millions of dollars in personal injury payouts and restitution for her clients all over the state of Florida and beyond. She hopes to truly make a difference in driver safety and set a standard for every personal injury attorney Zephyrhills has in practice. With one in every three accidents involving personal injury to the driver or passengers of a vehicle and 1 in every 5 leading to fatal injuries, it is important to know what to do in the event of a serious car accident. Here are 8 important things to do immediately after your accident.

1. Stop and pull your car safely over the to the side of the road away from any oncoming traffic. While things might be scary, it is never okay to flee the scene of an accident no matter what the circumstances are. And no matter what issues you may be facing, nothing will make it worse than getting charged with a hit and run at the same time.

2. Keep yourself and everyone else safe. Especially when you’re on the highway, it can be dangerous to pull over onto the shoulder of the road, as cars may be speeding by. So if you possible can set up anything, cones, flares, or anything that can act as a blockade of some sort to prevent any further damage to yourself, your car, or others driving along the road. It is best to turn on whatever lights you can in the dark, so as to make yourself as visible as possible.

3. Call the Police! For any personal injury attorney Zephyrhills police departments have helped make and break personal injury cases, as their initial on-scene reports will help to explain who is the most negligent party in such a situation – regardless if it is you or the other party (if there is one).

4. Create your own record, of anything you see or any possible witnesses, including your own passengers. This can help out a great deal, for any personal injury attorney Zephyrhills laws allow for them to use initial incident reports and witness statements in an attempt to corroborate any type of negligence on the part of the other driver. So writing down exactly what you saw happen, exactly after it happened is important and can end up helping you out down the line, in the event of a personal injury lawsuit.

5. Take pictures. We’ve all got cameras on our phones these days. And rather than using them exclusively for selfies and making your daughter look like Bambi, record any damage to any vehicles involved, any injuries, and tire marks on the road, and property damage – as much of the scene as you possibly can. Again, this will help you a lot in the long run.

6. Contact your personal injury attorney Zephyrhills recent history of accidents, and drunk drivers have made personal injury cases a hot button issues in recent years. With so many negligent drivers on the road, it has become a bit of a constant occurrence. Therefor it is important to ask the advice of a qualified personal injury attorney, like Ms. Anissa K. Morris, Esq.

7. Exchange information and report the accident to your insurance company. Again, be sure to be thorough – outlining anything that happened, any suspicions of negligence and beyond.

8. Seek medical attention. This may seem obvious, but in the event, you are injured be sure to call an ambulance immediately and do not try to leave the scene on your own. Especially in the event of a personal injury claim, you must document any and all injuries and damages suffered by you and those who might have been in your car. This will allow your personal injury attorney to better prove possible damages.

With so many car accidents occurring in the Zephyrhills area, it is important for those involved in a car accident to take the proper steps in getting justice for themselves and their loved ones. If you were involved in a car accident, due to the negligence of another party, be sure to contact Anissa K. Morris, Esq. today.


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