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Birth Asphyxia and Birth Related Issues

Having a child is often the happiest occasion for any couple, whether they are young or old, or even still together or not. However, it is important for expectant parents to understand, that while the majority of newborn babies are healthy and end up thriving, birth defects are always possible and something we should always be aware of. No matter how you slice it, giving birth to a child suffering from any type of birth defect or injury can be one of the scariest and most devastating events in the life of a new mother – completing turning the course of your day, and possibly the rest of your life, upside down. One of the most common birth issues known to us is called birth asphyxia, an issue which affects the infant’s breathing and oxygen intake. While this type of injury can simply be an act of God, in many circumstances, they are preventable and may even be the fault of some medical malpractice from the doctor responsible for the birth. According to Mr. Charles Spinner, the top personal injury lawyer Sun City Center has to offer, it is imperative you as a new parent know how to handle this type of situation. Learn more about this devastating occurrence and how to seek justice below.

What is Birth Asphyxia?

A devastating condition, birth asphyxia can occur either during or directly after a child’s birth. In many instances, a newborn baby is at risk of being deprived of oxygen to their brain or other internal organs. When this situation occurs, and a child is left without oxygen, it can cause their newly developed cells to not function properly, causing waste products like acids, to slowly build-up within their cells – leading to either temporary or sometimes even permanent damage. This condition is extremely detrimental as it can lead to a lifetime of disabilities or medical care, or in the most severe of cases, death.

Depending on the specifics of the pregnancy, and what exactly might be the root cause of the asphyxia, a mother might be given signs of a possible issue during the course of her pregnancy, however, this type of issue is most common during or right before delivery – through a careful monitoring of the vital signs. In these cases, a doctor may want to perform an emergency C-section. However, in some situations, the doctors might miss the warning signs, and the baby may be born through a normal vaginal birth, leading to terrible duress and breathing complications. According to Mr. Spinner, the top personal injury lawyer Sun City Center has in practice, this often a sign of negligence on the part of the doctor performing the birth. This negligence, when it leads to health complications can open up the doctor to medical malpractice suit and therefore entitles the child’s family to compensatory damages and restitution.

While a situation like this is devastating to a new family, if it does occur, it is important for the parents to seek the justice they deserve and launch an investigation to try and understand if there was any negligence on the part of their physician. According to Mr. Spinner, the top personal injury lawyer Sun City Center has practicing, there are many ways in which a doctor’s negligence may lead to a newborn’s birth asphyxia. The most common reason for this to occur is low levels of oxygen in the mother’s blood stream, while this can sometimes just be a random act of nature, the lack of oxygen may also be a result of anesthesia administered by the doctor – such as when an epidural is given. As per Mr. Spinner, the top personal injury lawyer Sun City Center has to offer, another instance in which this can occur is due to sudden drops in blood pressure, prior to or during birth.

The thing we must understand with such cases is that when a woman is giving birth, and she is under a doctor’s care, she has a reasonable expectation that that doctor should perform actions that are within the accepted medical standards of care. This includes not only the actual process of birthing the child – when if done incorrectly can lead to birth asphyxia, or during the phase in which the child and the mother are being monitored. Unfortunately, if your child was afflicted with birth asphyxia or some other form of birth injury or defect it’s important to contact an attorney and get the justice you deserve. For more info or a consultation, be sure to contact Spinner Law Firm today.


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