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A Generation of Kids, Strung Out on Video Games

In recent years Fortnite has become the most popular video game amongst everyone from pre-teens to fully grown adults in their early 50’s. And with such massive popularity, some individuals have seemingly locked themselves away for hours or even days at a time, playing the game attempting to beat their friends online for nothing more than what the youngster call online “clout”. A word that essentially means power or the ability to consider themselves better than their friends for the time being. According to Dade City personal injury lawyer, Ms. Anissa Morris however, while the game, like most games started off as a source of enjoyment – the mere fact that individuals are clearly addicted to the game and cannot stop themselves from playing it, means its passed the point of a game and reached the higher levels of addiction and societal detriment. However, most of us are begging the question, can video games be truly addictive, like drugs?

People who have joined a class-action lawsuit against a game company in Canada say yes. The defendant company, Epic Games, is the creator of Fortnite, an extremely popular third-person shooter game. A Montreal law firm, Calex Legal, has created a class action on behalf of two parents who claim that the game is as addictive as cocaine and has harmed their two children, ages 10 and 15.Their complaint argues that Fortnite, when played for a long time, results in players’ brains releasing dopamine in the same way drugs do, causing a chemical addiction. The lawsuit further contends that the game’s developers hired psychologists to help them make the game as addictive as possible. This addictive nature of the game, also caused other disastrous results. Also being the top auto accidents attorney Land O’Lakes has in practice, Ms. Morris has heard of young kids taking every step to reenact the game, regardless of any real-life consequences. For instance, children on their parents ranch recently took their family jeep and began driving it through the muddy hills of their family farm, seeing as they were only 13, without a driver’s license, the jeep flipped over and both children were injured – thankfully nothing major aside from a few broken bones in their ankle and a dislocated shoulder for the one driving. While this time they were safe, who’s to say the next time won’t be different and they wont hit another person in the act.

As the best Dade City personal injury lawyer, Ms. Morris believes that while video games have never been more popular – with things like video game tournaments, and professional gamers now referring to themselves as pro athletes – with the shoe and Gatorade sponsorships to prove it, young children are dying to make it deeper in the field of professional gaming. The legal team of the plaintiffs have modeled their lawsuit after similar ones fought years prior against the big tobacco companies – showing you just how much a company like Epic Games has grown. Filing suit in both the United States and Canada, the law firm and the plaintiffs are contending that the defendants, Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, knew of the dangers and failed to warn players. In this case, the two parents say that had they known of the risks, they never would have allowed their children to even start playing Fortnite. Within the case, according to Ms. Morris, being the top auto accidents attorney Land O’Lakes has to offer, the plaintiff’s will be showing the judge and the jury of the similarities between children and adults “under the influence” of Fortnite and those under the influence of addictive narcotics. For instance, Ms. Morris points out that there have even been cases of teenagers (of legal driving age, with a valid license) having just played Fortnite for hours, as well as teenagers who haven’t played for a number of hours and essentially entering into a state of mental and even somewhat physical withdrawal – getting behind the wheel. These individuals have shown a number of almost unbelievable symptoms, including:

· Drastically increased paranoia of the other drivers on the road.

· Increased jumpiness.

· A willingness to make fast, abrasive, sudden, unsafe movements.

· Impatience during traffic.

· More road rage.

· Increased likelihood of speeding and being pulled over.

In addition to discoveries such as this, Dade City personal injury lawyer, Ms. Morris points out that recently, the World Health Organization or WHO, classified “gaming disease” as a brand-new disorder in children, teens and adults. In addition, considering this new classification in the healthcare world as an actual diagnosable disease, The American Psychiatric Association has enlisted those who work with their classification system, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, to further research what they are calling “internet gaming disorder”. Interestingly, both organizations came to this decision relatively independent of one another. The fact is that there are still retractors of the classification of video games as being similar to drugs, however Ms. Morris, as the top auto accidents attorney Land O’ Lakes drivers turn to points to recent research by the New York Times that made a deep connection scientifically between video games and gambling. And as casinos have gotten bigger, and made more money, they have followed a similar model for their floor plans and digital game consoles, as arcades did during the 80’s and 90’s – and vice versa, as arcaded like Dave & Busters are making a comeback much of which is from adding more games of chance. Making this connection, and understanding that gambling has been linked to drug addiction for years as well. The fact is that regardless of what your feeling on the subject might be, the legal systems are now involved. For more information on gaming addiction and if you feel your child has been a victim of gaming companies, be sure to contact Spinner Law Firm today.


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