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Car Accident Scams in the State of Florida

Home to almost 7 million people, south Florida is one of the most populated regions in all of the south. And with so many people living there full time, it has also solidified itself as one of the nation’s most popular vacation destinations – no matter of your age or what kind of trip you are looking to take, South Florida has got something for everybody. While most people might think of beautiful beaches, beautiful people, palm trees, and Disney World when they think of South Florida, unfortunately the area is also synonymous with fraud of all kinds! Easily one of the country’s hotspots for crimes ranging from identity theft and credit card scams, to insurance fraud and car accident scams. The latter of which is what we will be dealing with today, as car accident rates are on the rise in recent years in the state, according to the best auto accident lawyer Wesley Chapel has to offer, Anissa Morris, Esq.

Being in any car accident is stressful, no matter where you are or what your situation is – even when its not your fault. All at once, a number of stresses just hit you at once – paying for car repair bills, missing time at work, being without your car, and that’s not even taking into account any injuries to you or another party. Now to make things even worse, according to Ms. Morris, the best auto accident lawyer Wesley Chapel has in practice, local scammers are taking advantage of individuals in the most vulnerable of situations. There are a number of different scams possible, the more familiar you are with them, the less likely you are to fall for one. Here are a few of the most common auto accident scams going on right now in South Florida.

· Staged Accidents

The most common, and probably the most simple scam is one people have been doing for decades, across the world – causing a collision on purpose. While this might seem crazy, many people are willing to risk their health or their lives at just a chance at a payout from your insurance company. It can be a terrible situation for you, as Ms. Morris, the best auto accident lawyer Wesley Chapel has in practice, mentions, you risk bodily injury or death, the stress of an accident, higher insurance premiums, while the other side is simply trying to get a payout. Its important to watch out for drivers in these cases, they will do things like slam on the brakes in front of you or may wait for you to be distracted and may initiate a rear-end shunt accident, hoping to make it look like your inattention caused the accident. It is common for these drivers to fake injuries or have multiple passengers all faking injuries to try to get more money from your insurance.

· Cash Demands & Help from an Accomplice

This is similar to the previous one, as it is often setup with an accomplice and the party, causing the accident. Once they do, they will demand you give them cash on the spot. Threatening that they will take you to court or sue you. The accomplice may pretend to be a witness in their favor and pressure you into paying to avoid things like insurance issues, or police interaction in some cases, these bystanders may even be the tow truck drivers, a ‘doctor’, mechanic or other individuals that just to crowd around the scene.

· Preexisting Damages

One of the worst forms of fraud is when you are involved in a legitimate accident, and it may be your fault, and the other party attempts to blame you for some type of damage that was already there before any collision occurred. They have even done this in instances where no impact was even made!

The best things you can do is to drive carefully, and defensively – at all times! in addition, always call the police after every accident and have a police report filed indicating everything that actually happened. Otherwise, it is important that you contact an attorney like Anissa Morris, the Best Auto Accident Lawyer Wesley Chapel has practicing, for more information.


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